Free Kids Classes on Samba Drumming and Learn Stilt Walking

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Free Kids Capoeira Classes on Wednesdays and Fridays 7:00pm to 7:45pm


 Come learn to play Capoeira Angola Movements and rhythms of Brasil

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Capoeira is game believed to have originated in the Bantu region of Africa and to have been transported to Brasil during the slave trade. In a capoeiragame two players use a combination of acrobatic and martial arts movements to maneuver one another into a defenseless position. Capoeira games takes place inside a circular area called a "roda" (or circle in Portuguese) formed by the Capoeira players and onlookers. "Roda" is also the word used to describe the party or event in which several Capoeira games are played striking an opponent directly or deliberately is frowned upon in a Capoeira game. Rather, the object of the game is to simply striking movements and to avoid them gracefully.

  The speed of your game (Credit to writer of Capoeira Angola Blog)">Click here for Link
Most people do know that Capoeira Angola is generally played in a slower pace than Capoeira Regional. In fact, some people think that Capoeira Angola is just the slower version of Capoeira Regional. I wont go into that one, because most of the fans and players of Capoeira know that it's not right anyway. Some people also know that Capoeira Angola games are highly variable in terms of speed. A game can switch from slow to fast to slow in less than ten seconds. That Capoeira Angola is always slow is a common misunderstanding which usually leads to some unpleasant surprises. But, and that's what this post is about, it is still an important attribute.

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  There is many different reasons why Capoeira Angola is played in a slow base rhythm. I will just count the most common (and obvious) of these:
Endurance: As a typical game in Capoeira Angola goes into the minutes and can easily go on for more than 10 minutes a high pace is not recommendable. In comparison, games in some Regional rodas are incredibly short, sometimes it's a matter of a few seconds until you get bought out. This short times pan forces you to get into a game as fast as possible. If a game in a Regional roda would take 10 minutes retaining its speed, most people would drop unconscious

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We have been attending the drum classes for children on Saturdays for the past 3 months.  My 4 year old son absolutely loves it.  Mr. Pierre is a wonderful teacher. He has the gift of communicating with the children.  They are captivated by him.  We are so grateful to have learned about this class. I wish we ha started coming sooner.....thank you Casa Samba for giving our family this opportunity!   Denise Woodall- Ruff