Free Kids Classes on Samba Drumming and Learn Stilt Walking

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Goals for the Participants-
It is our hope the benefits and skills to be learned from participating in the our camp as include:

  -Positive interpersonal relations, self esteem, discipline and motivation through the education of Afro-Brasilian history and cultures as well as those of other African Diaspora countries.

  -Leadership through taking responsibility of teaching others once skills are mastered.

  - Choreography and arrangement of Samba music and dance combined.

  - A general understanding of how to count in musical or dance terms

  - A basic understanding of music theory

  - Knowledge and understanding of the concepts of masking and costume design

   - Understanding the concept of conflict and resolution and its values and rewards

   - Understanding and appreciation of all various Brasilian cultural art forms .

   -To gain and understanding of various careers from visits by local artists, businessmen, educators, lawyers, doctors, etc. and  the skills and education needed to become  one.

Free Kids Classes New Saturday Classes 9:30am to 12:00pm

 Come learn to dance or play the rhythms of Brasil


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We have been attending the drum classes for children on Saturdays for the past 3 months.  My 4 year old son absolutely loves it.  Mr. Pierre is a wonderful teacher. He has the gift of communicating with the children.  They are captivated by him.  We are so grateful to have learned about this class. I wish we ha started coming sooner.....thank you Casa Samba for giving our family this opportunity!   Denise Woodall- Ruff