Free Kids Classes on Samba Drumming and Learn Stilt Walking


Stilt Walking Classes for Kids

stilt practice

 There are many different stories about stilt walker’s mystery and history. From walking thru load waters, picking fruit from high trees, Carnival parades in the Caribbean and stilts the used for construction work today. As we know of many rights and passage programs the African culture of stilt walking is one of the oldest forms of rites of passage. Casa Samba’s Stilt walking program uses this approach. The program is designed to help build self-esteem, increase awareness, improve motor skills and most important of all stilt walking teaches kids how to deal with failure and obstacles of life.

     Casa Samba’s stilt walking class for kids teaches a new form of confidence and respect.  Kids are taught by professional stilt walkers and as they learn and become more professional the kids learn to teach other kids like themselves.  The classes start with various balance and strengthening exercises, after they are brought to the training area where they will be paired with a professional and the students stilt walker.  During his time they are given instructions and tips on how to stilt walk and be safe. 

       Depending on the skill level of each kid, they start to walk by themselves with some assistance. As they progress they learn to walk by themselves which at this time is stage one.  Stage two they are instructed to perform the number of task while they ‘re on the Stilts without assistance.  Stage three is where they are put through a number of obstacles in order to improve their balance and agility.  Stage four is when  they perform in public for the first time with Casa Samba is. All stilts are provided by Casa Samba. 

samba kids at jazz fest 2012


We have been attending the drum classes for children on Saturdays for the past 3 months.  My 4 year old son absolutely loves it.  Mr. Pierre is a wonderful teacher. He has the gift of communicating with the children.  They are captivated by him.  We are so grateful to have learned about this class. I wish we ha started coming sooner.....thank you Casa Samba for giving our family this opportunity!   Denise Woodall- Ruff