Free Kids Classes on Samba Drumming and Learn Stilt Walking

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Annunciation Center FAQ’s

Why are community activities being moved from the center?
 Vic Richard, CEO of NORD made a business decision to move all of his office staff into one location.  This also is due to the need to remove asbestos from the St. Bernard Center.

If the St. Bernard Center was renovated after Katrina, why does it need remediation now for the roof?
“For NBA All-Star Week 2008 in New Orleans, the LeBron James Foundation, Nike, and Friends of NORD partenered to renovate the St. Bernard recreational center in New Orleans. Hahn Enterprises installed the bleachers and wall pads.”

What happens to the community when the programs are moved out?
 We have not been informed of any transportation for the children to be brought to the displaced programs. 

What community programs are being affected?
The programs being relocated from this center are ballet, piano, Brazilian drums children, Brazilian dance adult, stilt walking, Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian Martial Art)

Where is the next closest NORD Community Center?
 Lyons Center is 2 miles away

Where are the programs at Annunciation being moved?
 All programs are being moved to the Lyons center. 

Why is Casa Samba opposed to moving to the Lyons Center?
Currently the programs offered by Casa Samba will not fit in the space being offered as it is 1/3 the size of the current space. 

Is the main reason Casa Samba is opposed to the move based upon the space size?
NO.  It is because we do not feel it is in the communities’ best interest to close a community center that is active in order to be used as office space.

Why is Casa Samba opposed to leaving the Annunciation Center?
We feel it is a disservice to our community, which includes the St. Thomas/River Garden, Lower Garden District, Coliseum Square and Irish Channel.  There are no other public community programs in the area.

How many people are served from the Annunciation Center each year?
 Approximately 8000 people are served through the Annunciation Center each year.

What was the building originally built for?  The Annunciation Center was developed  to house the Kuji Center – teen pregnancy prevention and cultural enrichment after-school program for kids in the St. Thomas /Irish Channel community.

Who made this decision?
Mr. Vic Richard, CEO


What is timeline for bringing this center programs back?

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We have been attending the drum classes for children on Saturdays for the past 3 months.  My 4 year old son absolutely loves it.  Mr. Pierre is a wonderful teacher. He has the gift of communicating with the children.  They are captivated by him.  We are so grateful to have learned about this class. I wish we ha started coming sooner.....thank you Casa Samba for giving our family this opportunity!   Denise Woodall- Ruff